The Role Playing Game

This site will log the development of  my original tabletop role playing game titled Dragon Mist Worlds. I will be posting updates, ideas, random stuff, and all kinds of things that I am thinking about for this game. I am doing this for several reasons. Mainly, to put my thoughts down in written, somewhat organized form. I have a lot of ideas floating in my head. I have a lot of ideas written down (both electronically and hand written). I’ve decided that I really need to start putting these ideas down in one single place.

I once read:

“Ideas are meaningless without action. Everyone has ideas. To succeed, make your ideas real. Make them happen.”

Well, this is my attempt at an action to make that happen. Granted, this platform may not be the best, in terms of organization, but it’s a start. I’m also doing this for those who care to follow my progress. It’ll give me some motivation, especially if people give me feedback, whether it’s with new ideas or constructive criticism.

I have been working on this thing for quite some time, though not continuously. There would be periods, for months, or even years, that I have not worked on this. There were moments where the system (the game mechanics) has evolved to something that I did not like or envisioned, so I decided to scrap it. There were moments where the background story was going places where I didn’t want, so I changed it. This leads up to a lot of unorganized information, in multiple forms of media, stored in many different places, including in my head. And I think this is why it’s taking a long time to finish. I’m hoping that by keeping this “journal”, as cumbersome as it may be, it will motivate me to remain focused and get it done.

Only time will tell. Happy reading!