The Trynarr Planetary System

The Dragon Mist Campaign Setting takes place within the Trynarr Planetary System. There are three major planets in this system: Gyrwinn, Rojord, and Caeruleus. Each planet orbits it’s own sun. The three suns are equally spaced, forming a triangle, orbiting a dark cloud mass called the Cendith Nox. There are a few rouge moons and large asteroids that are also orbiting the Cendith Cloud, some of which have been settled.

The planetary orbits are arranged so that they meet at a point near the center of the Cendith Cloud. When all three planets meet within the Cloud, it is called The Convocation of the Planets. This even occurs roughly every 1,000 years (the rough number depends on which planet you are counting the years). When only two planets meet within the Cloud, it is called a Minor Convocation and occurs roughly every 30 years. For some planets, this happens more often. When the planets meet in the cloud, cosmic effects (such as gravitational forces) can cause climate shifts, tidal waves, and earthquakes. The effects are the strongest when three planets meet.