Primary Planets


• Orbits Emrallt
• Dominated by large land masses covered mostly in vegetation. Gyrwinn is the most populated planet of the three. Large continents cover roughly more than half of the planets surface. Climate conditions for most of the planet are mild and favorable.


• Orbits Rujin
• Rojord’s planet is mainly made up of deserts and mountains. The climates are dry and cold, plagued by sands storms in the desert and snow storms in the mountains. There are a few bodies water scattered about the planet (more than two thirds of the planet is covered in land). Underground, there are many caverns, both natural and made by the planets inhabitants, with some having underground springs and pools larger than the ones on the surface. The dwarves live mostly underground with scattered Vughards. On the surface, the Kjempests build their city near the oceans where conditions are most favorable for living. You will also find the Vulghards living on the surface in the mountains.


• Orbits Sapphyrus
• Caeruleus’s population is about the same, if not less, than that of Rojord’s. The planet is mostly covered in water, making the land to ocean ratio almost non-existent (more than three quarters of the planet is covered by water). There are two major continents are located in the vast ocean with countless small island scatter all over the planet. The Northern and Southern polar regions are frozen and have caps that can sustain life.